Monday, June 16, 2014

Once Upon a Time I Designed A Fairy Tale Bedroom.

When I started thinking about how to decorate our bedroom, my thoughts immediately turned to the set of Once Upon a Time. I love the way their set designers evoke the feel of an enchanted place with an eclectic mix of antique furniture, modern fixtures, and incredibly patterned wallpaper. The sets always looks cozy and a just a bit magical, without ever looking themed or childish. My first instinct was to decorate our bedroom in shades of taupe and mossy green, and to crown it with a chandelier that looks like a wild bramble of flowers and thorns.
The Ethan Allen Somerset bed is gorgeous, but we aim to spend about 10% of the Ethan Allen price.
Keith likes the show even more than I do, and he's on board with a bedroom loosely inspired by Once Upon a Time. He has just one request: He wants a big, wooden sleigh bed. That's fine with me, because there are dozens of sleigh beds for sale locally on Craigslist for about $250. I think sleigh beds were trendy 15 or so years ago, but now everyone wants an upholstered headboard. Their devotion to trends is my good luck.

A place to dream: A grown-up fairy tale bedroom

Paint Color: Stone Hearth by Benjamin Moore
Night Stand: Hooker Furniture
Rug: Milliken
Lamp: 1stDibs
Curtains: World Market.
Chair: Victoria & Albert Museum, HA!
Chandelier: Ballard Designs
Not gonna happen. 
I'll hunt for a 70s-does-Spanish-Gothic chair on Craigslist, instead.

I made this board yesterday to show Keith the concept I'm planning. He likes it for the most part, but he's not sure about the chartreuse curtains. I'm not sold on them yet, either, but I think they're more interesting than my original plan to use moss green curtains. Also, I'm in love with the chartreuse curtains used here. What do you think?

The other rooms are coming along nicely. Since Friday, the wallpaper in the bathroom went up (!), we rearranged the furniture in the living room, moved in a bookshelf that's been sitting in the storage unit for the last two years, and I started unpacking (and alphabetizing!) books. Everything is still in transition, but it gets better every day. Tonight, we're going to play with electricity install a big, sparkly, thorny looking chandelier in the bedroom. Please cross your fingers that we don't electrocute ourselves.

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