Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Making Over My Closet... Literally.

As seen at 47 Park Avenue
Forget fabulous light fixtures and antique marble top cabinets. I just want a closet that doesn't smell like cigarette smoke! Is that too much to ask? Until last week, my closet still had the previous owner's dirty old carpet and terrible pink paint. Even after I washed the walls, it still reeked of her cigarettes. I didn't even want to hang my clothes up in there! 

And that was fine, because the weird shelf layout prevented me from using half the closet, anyway. I think the previous owner used that closet to store stuff, not clothing, because so many of the shelves and rods were hung at heights that didn't work for hanging clothes. CLOSET FAIL. 

So I spent most of last week removing the shelves and rods, priming, painting the walls a soft taupe left over from painting the bedroom, carefully ripping out the carpet so I didn't damage the nailboard, and spray painting the shelves and rods gold. When we had white shag carpet laid in the den, we had a huge piece left over that will be more than enough to carpet the closet. We bought a $39 knee kicker on Amazon, and we're going to try our hand at laying carpet tomorrow night. Wish us luck! My clothes have been flung across the guest bed for a week, and I really want my closet  back.

Other upcoming projects, which I am listing here to hold myself accountable and actually get them done:
  • Picking up the cherry sleigh bed I found on Craigslist
  • Hanging a new mirror in the guest bathroom
  • Priming and painting the water closet in the master bathroom so it's NOT NUCLEAR WOMB PINK
  • Removing the ugly light fixture in the guest bathroom and installing sconces on either side of the mirror
Before I start re-hanging my closet shelves and rods, do you have any tips for maximizing space and functionality and your closet? I'm all ears. I'm not so much of a clothes/closet girl, so I'm not well-versed in closet design.

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