Monday, July 7, 2014

Rug Report: Nyla Carpet by Loloi

This week, it's Rug Week at Librarian Tells All!

Lately I've been fixated on carpets and rugs. I think a rug makes the most important design statement in a room. And until I've chosen a rug, I always find it difficult to choose furniture and accessories. So I've been doing a lot of rug browsing and shopping lately. Mostly I've shopped online, but I find it so difficult to choose without seeing the rugs in person. So I'm going to write about each new rug, and provide the information I wish had been available when I was making my choices. Are you rug shopping, too? Keep reading!

Nyla rug by Loloi at Wayfair | I love the subtle, low-contrast pattern.
For our dining room, I knew we needed a subtle, neutral rug. I wanted something with a small, tight pattern to hide spills. I didn't want a super-thick rug that would soak up spilled wine like a sponge. Our maximum budget was $500, so I mostly looked at machine-made synthetic rugs. But a lot of them looked kind of cheap. In this price range, the patterns were oddly pixellated, like this. I didn't like the pixellated look, so I was having trouble making a choice.

I loved the Loloi Nyla rug, but it was in the $900 range. I would NOT have bought it at that price. But last week the clouds parted, angels sang, and Wayfair listed it for $446.65. I don't know if it was a website glitch or an unannounced sale. But I snapped it up fast, and they honored the price. The lesson? If you're looking for a bargain, keep a very close eye on Wayfair.

Please keep in mind, these chairs are temporary. They're so uncomfortable!
Now that it's here, I'm glad to say that it's perfect. It's machine loomed, which made it cheaper. But the pattern is dense, and it looks like a more expensive rug. The pattern doesn't look pixellated at all. The pile is thin, and it feels like walking on a single layer of velvet. It's not a dense, cushiony rug. So if you want a thicker rug, this probably isn't for you. But if you want something easy to clean, it's ideal.

The most interesting thing about this rug is that it changes color depending on the lighting and the angle at which you see the rug. From far away, the rug looks more brown (like in the first picture). But close up, it's lighter and more gray. I like the variation. This color is called "Sand," and the rug is also sold in a more bluish-gray called "Slate." I was worried that this browner version might be too warm colored. But to my eye, it's a very neutral grayish-taupe. Even though the dining room still needs new seating, a buffet or console, and more storage (did you spot the Master Clue game under the cabinet?), I'm pretty thrilled with how this rug has changed the space.

Do you usually start a room from the ground up, with a rug? Or do you start with something else?


  1. Hey Jen it's Jodie :) I've been obsessing over needing a rug for my den/living room for months now...and then this past weekend I impulsively bought a Persian rug off of Craigslist for $400 and it's literally my new favorite thing in my house!

    1. Oooooh, a real Persian? Nice find! I'd love to see it. Isn't it crazy what a huge difference a rug can make, even though they're on the floor and below eye level?


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