Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spanish Revival, and a New Plan for the Dining Room

Maybe I've been watching too much Game of Thrones. Maybe I'm just bored with the stark simplicity of Mid-Century Modern furniture. But right now, I'm so drawn to the Spanish Revival look. It's a little rustic, a little Medieval, and just so interesting. I wouldn't want to have an entire room done in this style, but I'd love to use just one or two Spanish Revival pieces. They would add something unexpected and special.

Spanish Revival Chairs at 1st Dibs
1920s Spanish Revival Sideboard from 1st Dibs
My aunt Judy gave me an old Spanish Revival cabinet about seven years ago, and I used it in the living room at our old condo (You can see it here). Now it's in our dining room. I like it there so much that it's inspiring me to go with a more rustic, masculine look than my original (colorful and girly) plan for the dining room. As we spend more time in our house, I'm realizing that the original plan wouldn't work so well, anyway. The neutral living room opens into the dining room, so the dining room should be more neutral, too. Preserving the neutral scheme will make the rooms flow together much better.

When we moved into the house, my mother gave us a long, rectangular dining table that she no longer wanted. It has a dark wood finish, tapered legs, and a wonderful geometric motif carved into the table top. Keith and I both like it, so I'm planning the room around the table, cabinet, and rug (You can see them all together here). I'm imagining the room finished off with a round wrought iron chandelier*, bench seating on the long sides of our dining table, and chairs with chunky nailhead trim. You know... pieces that wouldn't be entirely out of place on the set of Game of Thrones. What do you think? Too simple? Too masculine? Or just right?
Rustic Masculine Gothic Dining Room

* At first I wanted to put the crystal chandelier from our old place over the table, but now I realize the chandelier would look much better in the guest bedroom.

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