Thursday, August 28, 2014

Coastal Modern Family Room Concept

Coastal Modern. Is that a thing?
I say it's time to reclaim coastal style from the shabby chic folks and make Coastal Modern a thing.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The living room, dining room, and bedroom are all in progress. w00t.But it seems strange that I haven't done anything yet to the den. After all, it's the most-used room in our house. My rationale has been that form should follow function, and we should figure out how we actually use the room before coming up with a design concept. But we've lived here for a few months. And it's safe to say we should rename this room, "The Netflix Room." So it's time to begin. And no, we won't be keeping the banana leaf ceiling fan!
Modern Coastal Family Room
This is the look we're aiming for. Keith loves the beach, I love turquoise and teal, and we couldn't stand to get rid of all our Mid-Century furniture. So I put together a modern take on coastal style, without any of the shabby chic influences usually associated with a coastal look.

Aside: I hate shabby chic chipped paint finishes. It seems like every time I touch a chippy piece of furniture, I get a paint-chip splinter. And it always stings like a thousand tiny wasps dipped in acid and shoved under the skin. Does that happen to everyone, or just me?

Anyway. We're off to a good start: We already have the credenza, coffee table, black and white fireplace, and the art. We need a comfy gray sectional, a ceiling fan that doesn't belong on a lanai, window shades, and curtains. I'm still not sold on the rug; is it weird to put a rug over carpet? That seems redundant. Mostly, we need window shades. We just pruned the trees outside, and now I feel like I can't walk around my own house without a bra.

Here's a question for y'all: I'd like to hang our TV over the fireplace, if we can figure out how to do it without any visible cords. Have you done it? Did it make you cuss like crazy, or would it be a relatively easy project for people who aren't afraid of using tools and making holes in walls?

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  1. If you decide to sell your couch down the road, let me know :)


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