Friday, October 3, 2014

A Little Privacy, Please: Chartreuse Curtains

Good design can be an exercise in patience. Sure, you can buy a lot of whatever to quickly fill in the blank spaces. But what bothers you more: Blank spaces, or hastily chosen items of questionable quality? For me, it's definitely the latter. I'd rather hunt for the quirkiest and most beautiful things on Craigslist and in antique stores, even if it makes for slow progress. The delayed gratification makes each new addition so much more satisfying.. especially when we add something handmade, like these beautiful new curtains.

Bright, acid green by day...
They were lovingly made by hand, by my mother. Thanks, Mom! Custom draperies are Mom's business, and if you live in the Nashville area and need new window treatments, please drop me a line. I'll be glad to put you in touch with her. 

I love the way the risky acid green color looks when it's made into an ultra-traditional pleated drapery panel. The color changes throughout the day, too. It's vivid chartreuse in bright sunlight, and it fades to a softer shade of green at night. 

...and soft, mossy green by night.
The fabric came from Brentwood Interiors. I was so happy with their selection and customer service. They let me take home huge handfuls of generously-sized samples. Seriously, I brought home a piece of every greenish fabric they had, and they didn't bat an eye! Later, there was a problem with some of the fabric I bought, and they made the exchange process very easy.

The rods, rings, and finials are from Lowe's. It's the first time I've purchased solid wood rods, instead of adjustable rods. Every adjustable rod I've ever installed sags pathetically in the middle, and the solid rods look so much nicer and more substantial. They didn't have the exact size we needed, so I bought an 8 foot rod, and Keith cut into two 4 foot rods. It was a bit pricier than an adjustable rod, but much easier to install.

Before we installed the curtains, the chandelier hung awkwardly above the room, disconnected from everything else. Now, though, the curtains draw the eye up toward the ceiling and unify the space. there's just one problem: They frame the blank space over the bed, calling attention to the naked wall. What would you put there? Art? A mirror? Right now, I have no idea what belongs there. I probably won't know it until I see it.

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