Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog Gossip and a New Mirror. But Mostly Blog Gossip.

Let's play Find the New Thing! Can you find the new thing?
(No, it's not the dog. We are not getting a new dog anytime soon, unfortunately.)

I wasn't going to write this post, because I figured it's boring to see pictures of the same bedroom over and over and over, with just one small change in each post. So why did I change my mind? Because there's discontent in Blogland. Have you heard everyone talking? Here's what they say:

a) Sponsorship is killing design blogs. Everything looks the same, because all the bloggers get the same crap for free. It's kinda true.
b) People are sick of design blogs that just show perfect before and afters, without explaining the design process and the time it took to achieve the results. Yeah, that's not so helpful.
c) Stop the sponsored posts for Kiwicrate and fancy water filter pitchers, already!!! Seriously, stop.

I've been sitting on the sidelines, silently agreeing that sponsorship is boring and the step-by-step process of putting a room together is interesting. But mostly, I'm thanking my lucky stars that I'm not a Big Famous Blogger whose blog is scrutinized because it Says Something about The State of Blogging. I'm just quietly decorating a house, y'all. No important social commentary to see here! Gradually, it dawned on me that:

a) I'm not a big sponsored blogger, and maybe what I'm doing will interest someone because they haven't already seen it.
b) I enjoy seeing the gradual process of building a room. Even the mistakes and missteps interest me, because I can learn from them. My favorite bloggers blog every. single. item. they add to a room. I like seeing how the rooms change with each addition. And I'm not the most unique snowflake ever, so maybe you like that, too.
c) It could be worse. At least I'm not pretending to write a post about party planning when I'm really pushing a fancy water filter pitcher at you!

That's why I'm telling you about the new Safavieh sunburst mirror over our bed. We needed something BIG on this wall, and I wanted it to have a modern look. The furniture is very traditional, and I didn't want the art to push the room into Grandma territory. A sunburst mirror is traditional enough to work with the furniture, but this one is more modern. It reminds me of  Curtis Jere's Mid Century Modern sea urchin wall sculptures.

Curtis Jere sea urchin sculptures. For sale at AntiqueLane on etsy.
They're gorgeous, right? Sadly, they're not in my price range. A LOT of big mirrors and wall art aren't in my price range. Big = expensive. So when I found this 40'' wide Safavieh mirror for $83, I was excited. FYI, I always have good luck with Safavieh. The quality is high, the price point is reasonable, and I like their Transitional look. Their stuff says, "Grown-ups live here. But not boring grown-ups."

So I ordered with confidence. When the mirror arrived, I was a little surprised because it was more copper colored than I expected. But I like the way the warm copper color plays off the bright green curtains, so it's all good. When we walk in the room now, it looks welcoming and finished. The rest of the room needs work, but the first impression is good.

If you're really observant, you'll notice that I temporarily moved the marble lamps from our living room into the bedroom, just to see how they would look. Meh. Those big, boxy black shades block the windows more than I'd like, and the heavily veined marble looks too busy here. That rug is busy enough for the entire room! So the lamps have already been moved back in the living room. But hey, I learned something: Smaller lampshades on simple lamps look best in here.

The old lamps are back. And the room looks so different at night, without natural light.
Do you have any big design projects planned for this weekend? We're weatherstipping windows and insulating the attic. Yawn. I hope your project is more exciting than ours!


  1. I love the mirror! The space above a bed is always a question mark for me, because I'm a paranoid weirdo who doesn't want anything hanging there that might fall and smother me/knock me out in my sleep. This mirror passes the "irrational Aubrey" test due to its size and assumed weird compared to a giant painting or other hanging. LOL

    1. Thanks! Haha, I had the exact same fear when I lived in California. I always imagined a TINY tremor would send something gigantic crashing on my head. The cool thing about the mirror is that all those skinny pieces don't end up weighing much. Definitely not as much as a big solid mirror or piece of art. And then safety conscious Keith used two wall anchors rated for an 80 pound object, so we're feeling pretty safe. :)

  2. That's a cool piece. Re: lamps--the struggle is real with finding the right lamp. I spend way too much time pondering whether or not my lamps work in a room. And, I'm totally at the same place with free stuff/sponsored blog posts. I get that people like free stuff, heck, I like free stuff! But's just boring to read. There are several fashion blogs that I've read for a long time that have gradually devolved into one free outfit post after another. And I can't really blame the bloggers for enjoying free stuff, again, I like free stuff. But the blog post stops being something I can relate to; I don't get free clothes, I have to budget and buy like most people. Blogs are good when they are a slice of life...but most of our lives aren't a parade of free Kiwicrates and fancy pitchers. Although, seriously, I could use a Kiwicrate hookup; my kid is nuts for the Kiwicrates....

    1. I know, right? Lamps are hard. And I make it even more complicated, because two identical lamps sitting on tables of different heights bother me. When we had mismatched nightstands, I couldn't stand to see the light being cast from different heights.

      Free stuff is awesome. I once accepted a free dress in exchange for a review, even though this is NOT a fashion blog. I felt awkward about it, and after that, I was like NEVER AGAIN. Now I get offers on a weekly basis, for stuff that's kind of cool but not relevant to my blog. I ignore them because I don't want to be THAT BLOG, shilling random stuff at my friends. It would be embarrassing.

      The bummer of it is that bloggers lose their uniqueness when all their content is sponsored.. Whether it's a fashion or interior design blog, bloggers stand out and draw in readers when they do their own thing. When their content isn't unique anymore, they lose the look that made them popular in the first place.

      It came to a head this week on one of my favorite interior design blogs. They're cool because they renovate and decorate at a normal pace. They're not rich, they DIY, and they use attainably priced things when they buy new. They don't throw money at a bunch of designers and make a room look perfect in six weeks.

      But lately, more than half of their posts are thinly veiled ads. One commenter called the blogger out for having one two many irrelevant sponsored posts. Twenty more commenters joined in, and it got really awkward. Oy! I hope they decide to cut back on sponsored stuff.

  3. Not only is sponsorship killing design blogs, it's killing fashion blogs too. While every once in awhile I won't mind a sponsored post to expose me to a new clothing line, it does to get tiresome, especially with ad banners.

    I did do sponsors and affiliate programs for some time, and still consider them, but very carefully when I receive an e-mail. While it is my blog, and I can do whatever I want, I always take my readers into consideration when I read a sponsorship e-mail.

    Your new mirror looks great! And I LOVE those bursts, but it's always a shame when something you like also features a hefty price tag.


    1. Thank you! Someday, I'm going to find the sea urchin sculptures at a flea market. SOMEDAY... :)

      I wish everyone handled sponsors the way you do. Sponsorships that are relevant to the blog's topic don't bother me. A fashion blogger working with a clothing sponsor, and choosing what she wants to wear from their line? No big deal. A design blogger working with a hardware store and choosing her own paint colors from their collection? That's cool. As long as it's relevant, and the blogger retains creative control, I don't think the content suffers.

      But when both of those bloggers start trying to sell me snack food and everything else under the sun, and less than half their posts are still relevant to the blog's original topic, I give that the side eye! Grr.


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