Friday, November 21, 2014

Craigslist Karma is Real. It Gave Me a Thomasville Dresser.

Based on my completely unscientific research, Craigslist Karma exists. This is how it works:

1. List an item for free on Craigslist, and receive 20 million messages from people who want it.
2. Arrange a meeting, and give the item away to someone who wants and needs it.
3. Within 48 hours, The Best Thing Ever appears on Craigslist, and the asking price is reasonable.
4. The person selling The Best Thing Ever is so nice that they help you load The Best Thing Ever into your car. Your Craigslist dreams come true. The end.

The rules are firm. The Best Thing Ever does not appear on Craigslist until you've actually given something away. Simply creating a "Free" posting is not enough. Creating a "Free" posting and offering to meet someone in the Fido parking lot on Friday afternoon won't do it, either. Craigslist Karma will not reward you until you've actually watched someone drive away with your old ceiling fan in the back of their Jeep. But once that happens, you're going to get your Craigslist reward. Trust me.

The skeptics are probably saying, "Jen, it's not Karma; it's a coincidence. You use Craigslist more often when you have Free postings up, so you're more likely to find good stuff then." Maybe. Okay, probably. But if you're having trouble finding the perfect Duncan Phyfe chairs or big round mirror on Craigslist, just try it. It can't hurt!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because Craiglist Karma just made it possible for us to buy this gorgeous Thomasville dresser for a crazy reasonable price. Score! I'm thrilled, because it's a perfect match for the other Thomasville furniture we bought off Craigslist in July. It even has the same shield hardware as Keith's chest of drawers. What are the odds?

 Purchased in July: Keith's massively tall chest of drawers.
I promise, it's the same color as the dresser. This is just a crummy picture.
Let's talk about design choices, shall we?

Ever since we bought the bed and chest of drawers, I've been looking for a new dresser. Initially, I wanted to avoid choosing something similar to the other furniture, because I didn't want the room to be too matchy-matchy. I thought it would be nice to find something antique, but all the antique dressers I saw were too petite. They would've looked like dollhouse furniture under the vaulted ceiling, next to our hefty sleigh bed and Keith's tall chest of drawers. 

I kept finding beautiful antique dressers like this that were just 3.5 feet wide and barely five feet tall. So sad.  Source
When I found our vintage nightstands, they provided just the right amount of non-matchiness. So I started looking for a newer dresser, similar to our other furniture. Of course, I didn't have any luck until I reaped the benefits of Craigslist Karma. The new dresser is exactly what we needed. The top of the mirror is about a foot taller than me, so it looks right under a high ceiling. And of course, it matches everything else perfectly. I can't believe my luck! 

Now that our bedroom is fully furnished, I'm ready to finish it off with a few pieces of art and some small accessories. That's always the most fun part! Meanwhile, I've moved my old dresser to the guest room. It looks much better in there than it did in our bedroom, because the guest room is smaller and the ceiling is lower. With a dresser, the guest room is fully furnished now, too. It's time for the best part: Curtains, pillows, lamp shades, art, and more. I can't wait!

The guest bedroom is a blank slate. My first task is to replace the overhead light fixture. It casts such strange shadows.
If you're hunting Craigslist for a bargain this weekend, good luck!

P.S. After I wrote about the furniture we bought in July, I received a friendly e-mail from a woman had just bought the same furniture. She was looking for the name of the Thomasville furniture collection, so she could complete her set. If you're here for the same reason, this dresser and chest of drawers are from Thomasville's Martinique collection. Unfortunately, it's been discontinued. Womp womp. But Thomasville's Fredericksburg bedroom furniture is similar in style and color to the Martinique collection. And the Tate Street sleigh bed is nearly identical to the Martinique bed.


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