Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Plans for 2015

Do you have any big plans for 2015? I have friends who are planning weddings, having babies, pursuing more education, and launching huge creative projects in 2015. Me? I just want to work on my house... and maybe see a new part of the world! Our house projects go more smoothly when I organize my thoughts first, so I'm making a list. At the end of the year, I'll revisit the list and grade myself on how well we did (or didn't!) address each item. 

Ick. I'd like to put built-in bookcases on this wall. And flank the gold table with a pair of comfy armchairs.
Living Room
- Seating. I'm looking for comfy armchairs with neutral upholstery. It's hard to find good quality chairs in our price range.

I have my eye on these Uttermost chairs for the living room.
- BOOKSHELVES. We've only unpacked half our books because we don't have enough shelf space! I'm dreaming of built-in bookshelves filling the back wall of the living room. Keith wants to build them himself. We'll see.

This black built-in bookcase is my inspiration. It doesn't go all the way to the ceiling, and our probably won't, either. From Desire to  Inspire
Dining Room
- CHAIRS! Right now we have five very uncomfortable chairs at a table that seats eight. I wouldn't mind punching up our traditional dining room with a more modern chair, but Keith wants to keep it traditional. Stay tuned.
It hurts to sit in those chairs for too long.
- Curtains? I'm toying with the idea of sewing curtains to frame the French doors.

This is my inspiration for hanging curtains on either side of French doors. I think it would soften the room and provide a bit of much-needed insulation at the doors. From Better Homes & Gardens
- Tile. I want to retile the backsplash with lighter tile. The kitchen doesn't have any windows, and it always looks so dark.
- Lighting. Keith wants to install task lighting under the cabinets. I'm all for it!

The white walls and light cabinets helped, but it's still dark in here.  A lighter backsplash and task lighting would help a lot.
- Seating. We need a sectional! The current sofa isn't comfortable because it's too low, and we need more seating for when friends come over.

The seat of the sofa is just 12 inches off the floor. It's too low for this room! It will be much more appropriate in Keith's workroom upstairs, where the ceiling slopes down and low seating is actually needed.
- Picture rail. I want to hang two picture rails on the wall behind Keith's desk.

Keith's desk faces outward, not toward the wall. Other than that, this is the effect I'm going for with the picture rail. From Domaine Home
- Curtains? I think I want to sew simple turquoise panels for the windows that flank the fireplace. I'm still toying with this idea.
This is my inspiration for curtains in the den. I like the look of one panel per window, only on the windows that flank the fireplace. The windows on the other wall don't have curtains, and it works. By J & J Design Group
Guest Bedroom
- Lighting. Install new overhead fixture. Put a lampshade on the lamp on the dresser.
- Paint. Paint the nightstands white and dresser a vivid rusty red. I'll need to work in the garage, so it's a warm weather project and I have a good excuse for procrastinating. *grin*
- Art. The walls are still bare!
To do: Paint nightstand. Paint dresser. Hang art.
Master Bathroom
- Paint the water closet.
- Install new light fixture in water closet.

- Get a fence for the dogs ($$$ *sob*)
- Remove the stump in the backyard
- Use magic powers to bring brown grass back to life
- Rip out overgrown 20 foot high holly bushes and replace with I don't know what

Inspiration for new floor tile. From rsidesigns.com.
- Replace the icky faux finished mushroom lights in the hallway.
- Remove/replace/make over the gross faux finished doorbell box.
- Replace the light fixture in the laundry room with something that doesn't fill up with dead bugs.
- Replace the orange floor tile that runs from the front door to the kitchen. I hoped the orange color would grow on us, but Keith and I both hate it. It's freezing, too! If we replace it, we can install radiant heat underneath it!

I hate the tacky pink and blue bathroom so much that I'm using the most unflattering picture of it I can find. Take that, ugly bathroom! And no, that's not our stuff. This photo came from the real estate listing.
I'm sure we won't get to all of these, but I figure it's best to aim high. A year from now, it will be interesting to see which things we did, and which things we changed our minds about or just didn't get around to doing. Sadly, with so many smaller projects to do, I'm pushing the master bathroom project back to 2016. Don't be surprised if I go crazy and prime the walls, though, just to get rid of the pink paint!


  1. Whew, that is a long list, I'm impressed! We are facing the dog fence issue, too...we were quoted $6K for a very basic wood fence. :/ I do not want to deal with it but our fence does need replacing badly.
    My house goals for this year are drapes for the dining room, replacing several light fixtures throughout our house, painting one of the bedrooms, moving my daughter downstairs and moving the master upstairs and installing closet hardware to make a walk-in master closet in an odd-shaped room off of the upstairs new master. We have an old, small, quirky house...

    1. Haha, you're right. This is definitely a "reach for the stars and maybe you'll get as high as the telephone poll" situation. :) My husband and I are both dreading the fence estimate. Our yard is VERY small, but fences are so expensive!

      Your list sounds ambitious, too. Switching bedrooms would intimidate me, but I am easily intimidated by projects that involve carrying furniture up stairs. Good luck, and I hope to see some house updates on your blog!


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