About Me

I'm Jen. This is where I write about working on our 1980s fixer-upper of a house, and post the occasional book review.

I was raised by an interior designer, and I suppose the design bug runs in the family. There are few things I enjoy more than choosing paint colors, browsing fabric, and scouring consignment stores for furniture finds. I think that one's environment affects the way one feels, and that beautiful surroundings are good for the soul. Is that cheesy? Yeah. But I still believe it.

Are you wondering, "Where did this blog get its name?" I have a Master's degree in Library Science, and I worked at a public library, in a variety of roles, for six years. When I started the blog, I was still working there. Libraries still hold a huge place in my heart. Every community needs a library to support literacy, education, job seekers, and anyone who needs a place to collaborate, learn, and follow their passions.

Fiction, not design, was my first love. So I write book reviews here, too. I especially like magical realism, sci-fi, and modern re-tellings of fairy tales. Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, and Lev Grossman are my favorite writers. Rich fantasy worlds with their own cultures and lexicons always suck me in.

I'm married to a handsome, patient man who wooed me with long conversations about his favorite books. Keith is a software developer by day and an inventor by night. Oh, and he's a genius. No, really.

I respect his privacy, and the privacy of my family and friends, by mostly limiting my posts to design discussion, book reviews, and my favorite places and things. Personal things are meant to be shared with friends. Want to be friends? Get in touch! 
Contact me at stuffjendid at gmail dot com.