About Me

I'm a librarian-turned-housewife in Nashville, Tennessee. So naturally, I love reading, music, and domesticity. If you give me a gin gimlet, I'll talk with you about character development, the art of the mixtape, and paint colors for hours.

I'm an amateur interior design enthusiast with a passion for mixing antique and modern pieces. I dream of having a kitchen that looks like a mad scientist's laboratory, with lab glassware and white marble slab countertops. But I decorate on a shoestring budget, so I like hunting for treasures at bargain prices. I once bought a $2,400 Curtis Jere sculpture on eBay for $24--MAJOR victory! Since I can't afford everything that catches my eye, I'm incessantly painting, reupholstering chairs, and rearranging tchotchkes, and blogging most of my DIY projects here.

Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood are my favorite writers, and I especially like magical realism and modern retellings of fairy tales. Rich fantasy worlds with their own cultures and lexicons always appeal to me. I think Young Adult literature is often underrated, but I can't figure out why all the good YA writers are Mormon housewives. Is there secretly a "YA Writing" major at Brigham Young University?!

When I'm not curled up with a book or dragging the furniture around the living room, I'm probably at a show. I love music. Beirut, Otis Redding, BritPop, and 70s glam rock are my favorites. You can see what I'm listening to right now here.

I like to travel, and in the last few years I've been to Prague, Hong Kong, Curacao, and Hawai'i. Greece and Italy are next on my list of places to see. I've lived in small-town Illinois, Cincinnati, and the San Fernando Valley (omigawd!). I like the relaxed, friendly atmosphere in the south the best.

Keith, my darling mad scientist brilliant husband, is my best friend (and it doesn't hurt that he's really hot). My friends are always there to make me laugh, play Settlers of Catan, and encourage me to wear crazy costumes in public. Erin and Kelly, my beautiful sisters, live in Hong Kong and Cincinnati, so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. And nine years ago I found a Turkish Van cat by a dumpster, named her Stella, and took her home. She's been sleeping on my head ever since.

Random Facts:
  • I detest silly facial hair. Most of all, I hate neck-beard. Gentlemen, don't turn your faces into big jokes.
  • I'm a compulsive list-maker. Sometimes I write down a task I've already finished, just for the pleasure of crossing it off.
  • I'm very afraid of still, dark water. ANYTHING could be under the surface! *shudder*
  • I want very, very, very badly to ride in a hot air balloon. I DID IT!!
  • Some people cry at weddings; I cry at graduations. I love academia and its associated rituals.
This is what my friends say about me:
  • "You're blowing my mind! You're full of lore."
  • "I have never known a person that is better at finding random little treasures."
  • "You cross my mind, barefoot, lots."
  • "My favorite thing about you may be your awesome sense of interior design, but I'm sure your profound sense of the mystery of life impresses me more."
  • "A braver woman I have seldom met. Godspeed, sweet bibliophile."
Contact me at stuffjendid at gmail dot com.