Our Current Home

We moved into our current house in June 2014, and we have our work cut out for us. Here are the BEFORE pictures, as seen in the real estate listing... with just a couple of "After" shots. The previous owner was a heavy smoker. The house smelled terrible when we first saw it, and everything was covered with a thin, sticky layer of tar. But there was so much potential! The location is great, and we love the floor plan. The rooms are spacious, the ceilings are high, there are plenty of big windows, and there is so much storage space. I told Keith, "I have a vision." He said, "Let's do it." Follow us as we turn this formerly neglected house into our home.

BEFORE. When I took down those curtains, live wasps flew out at me. No joke.
AFTER - Still a work in progress.
BEFORE. Someone on Craigslist actually paid me for that chandelier. I felt a little guilty accepting their money.
After... but I'd love to get new chairs.
BEFORE. The first thing I did after we closed on the house was tear down the wallpaper.
AFTER. Click here to see the full room reveal.
BEFORE. This is the first photo I ever saw of our house, and I laughed and laughed when I first saw it.
I think I even asked Keith, "What crazy person would buy this house?!" The joke was on me. 
AFTER. I love our room so much now!
AFTER - Still a work in progress!
AFTERish. Still in progress!
BEFORE. After coming soon!
BEFORE. After coming in 2015 (oh man, I hope).


  1. Love the rooms - is that wallpaper in the bathroom 'after'. If so, where did you get it. Thanks!


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